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Apple Is All Grown Up, No Longer the Underdog

It has been hard to miss the news that Apple’s market cap surpassed Microsoft yesterday, making it the most valuable tech company in the US, and second overall, behind Exxon Mobil. Earlier this week, Apple also announced that they will be … Continue reading

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Google's Growing Brand

In the past decade, Google has become pervasive across any online experience. They have launched dozens of products – some very successful (eg. Gmail) and some not so successful (eg. Knol). Many of these launches showcased their impressive innovation capabilities. This … Continue reading

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Apple, Google & Microsoft: The Technology Wars

In light of the upcoming announcement from Apple about the tablet I thought I would take a look at the big players in tech. There have been several commentaries on who is actually competing with whom as the tech giants … Continue reading

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Google, China, and the Importance of Brand Integrity

Yesterday Google announced in a blog post that they would take a ‘new approach’ to China, which could result in eventually pulling out of the Chinese market in the name of free speech and security. This will obviously hurt their bottom … Continue reading

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Branding Through Buzz: Apple vs Microsoft

Without officially mentioning a word about it, the Apple Tablet is generating lots of buzz, both online and offline. This isn’t the first time that Apple has managed to do this. Do you remember hearing about the launch of the … Continue reading

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Can Google Support the Nexus One?

The blogosphere is buzzing with the launch of the Google Phone, aka the Nexus One. Reviews of the product vary. Some have been very positive. Others, not so much. Either way, more competition is good for the consumer who has … Continue reading

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